Piss Media

Piss Media is your complete source for watersports:
Blu-Rays, DVDs, CDs, full length downloads and shorter clips

We provide access to over two dozen video producers who cover the complete range of watersports material from tame wetting to extreme pissing action.  The themes cover every aspect of watersports including desperation, diapers and adult baby, masturbation and orgasms while peeing, wetting (intentional and accidental), nude and public pissing, and sex with golden showers.  We cater to a variety of sub-themes within these categories to address the whole gamut of sexual interests in watersports activities.

Piss Media will eventually replace Patches' Place but right now we are currently under construction

We are Flo Moore and Ann Yuresis and we bought Patches' Place and all its assets in August 2012.  We plan to continue the variety and excellence in watersports material that you have come to expect from Patches' Place and Wet Set.  In fact, we have partnered with Wet Set to promote and distribute DVDs, Blu-Rays, and downloads of watersports titles from different video producers.  You can expect the same excellent service to continue.

The Patches Place web site at continues to be updated for the present while we work on setting up our own web site with much of the present content but new features that we are planning to implement. Obviously, it is no longer “Patches” Place so this is why we are starting our own site with a new name.  We want to provide a smooth transition from the way everything was done in the past to what we hope to offer in the future.  We are excited by the opportunities that await us as the new owners of what was formerly Patches' Place and we look forward to hearing from you in the near future with your orders, comments, and suggestions.

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